Vibration has a holistic effect

The potential applications for our equipment are diverse and range from early mobilisation in intensive care, to local application in the workplace or at home. 

Alleviates back problems

Inoroll Anwendung Rueckenschmerzen

The inoroll® stimulates and strengthens deep back muscles which stabilise the spine. Enabling you to alleviate non-specified back problems easily and effectively. 

Trains joints and tendons

Beschwerdefrei Gelenke

Regular training with the inoroll® stimulates and stretches tendons and ligaments, increases your general mobility and strengthens your joint and bone structure.

Relieves tenseness

Inoroll Anwendung Stress Verpannung Nackenschmerzen

Stress causes tightness in the connective tissue and the muscles and can lead to tension. Vibration training helps to gently relieve this. 

Acts against cellulite

Inroll Anwendung Cellulite Bindegewebe

Training with the inoroll® stimulates the lymph system, simultaneously strengthening the cross-linking of the connective tissue. This enables the severity of the cellulite to be significantly reduced. 

Strengthens the muscles

Beschwerdefrei Muskeln

Vibration training increases blood circulation and also stimulates the muscle groups which are difficult to reach through conventional training. This promotes speed strength and stamina.

Strengthens the pelvic floor

Beschwerdefrei Beckenboden Full

The deep vibration of the inoroll® stimulates the pelvic floor muscles, making them more taut. That’s not just an issue for women – key word: strength of erection and protecting male continence.

Corinna Werner – Physiotherapist and health coach

„As a back specialist I believe the inoroll® has great potential for preventative concepts in occupational healthcare management. The product is practical, easy to use and offers optimum functionality. “

Corinna Werner – Physiotherapist and health coach